70s sex movies - "Pen Pals"

Name: Pen Pals

Pen Pals is an early honey-humper by the great Shaun Costello, without doubt the most significant (and probably the most prolific) sinéaste of the entire New York School. Costello's films generally exhibit the hip, urban, jaundiced sensibility of Paul Morrissey's Warhol fare: willfully anti-artistic, they radiate an engaging cynicism that somehow reinvigorates them as cinema. Gerry Damiano may have been bigger, Joe Davian may have been kinkier, and Chuck Vincent may have pulled off better production values, but the films of Shaun Costello sum up the spirit of New York porn in a 60-minute nutshell.

Actors: Ashley Moore,Russ Carlson,Levi Richards,Davey Jones,Mel White

Actress: Mary Stuart,Rikki Gambino

Categories: 70s sex movies, 1975, United States, English, Warren Evans, Mary Stuart, Rikki Gambino, Ashley Moore, Russ Carlson, Levi Richards, Davey Jones, Mel White, Interracial, Black

Language: English

Director: Warren Evans

Country: United States

Duration: 58 min

Year: 1975

70s sex movies - "Pen Pals"

Saturday, June 3, 2017


70s sex movies1975United StatesEnglishWarren EvansMary StuartRikki GambinoAshley MooreRuss CarlsonLevi RichardsDavey JonesMel WhiteInterracialBlack

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